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Centralities in Biological Networks

Some example files

These files are available only to provide a first understanding of the supported file formats.

Pajek .net

Name #Vertices #Edges Directed/Undirected
Eins 1 0 -
Zwei 2 0 -
dreieckD 3 3 D
dreieckU 3 3 U
mixed 5 7 U/D
Medici 15 19 U
ba_100_175 100 175 U

Adjacency Matrix Representation

Name #Vertices #Edges Directed/Undirected
Medici 15 19 U

Database of Interacting Proteins (DIP)

We do not distribute files provided by DIP here. Please check the license agreement and download them from http://dip.doe-mbi.ucla.edu